The Emergency Department consists of Emergency Medicine and Trauma Division, which provide emergency care to patients in acute distress. It focuses on the rapid identification of life-threatening conditions, performance of stabilizing procedures, and then further assessment to identify a more definite diagnosis.

In addition, special examination rooms and facilities are also available for otorhinolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and dentists to offer emergency care to patients with the related problems. For rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment, the department has examination laboratories, x-ray, sonography facilities and a spiral CT scanner. In average, it offers emergency care to some 130 patients daily or 45,000 patients annually.

In order to maintain the highest quality of emergency care services, the department institutes educational programs to train practitioners to meet the standard of the Board of Emergency Medicine and Traumatology. The brilliant records of highly qualified emergency care services, such as SARS in 2004, have won for our hospital reputation.

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    • Emergency & Trauma-Building A, ground floor, 24hrs in service
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