In the past

    During 1895-1945, Taiwan was colonized by Japanese government. Our former hospital , which was known as “The Ministry Hospital”, was built as the landmark for Japanese government to extend their medical health care in Taiwan. The purpose of its existence had a great connection with Taiwanese natural environment. Being a subtropical island, Taiwan was plagued by epidemics which caused environmental threats toward human health. The number of fatalities of the military staffs stated that such epidemics even served as a weapon to guard Taiwan from invasions. Japanese colonizers lost more members due to the epidemic diseases, which urged them to pay attention to the public health. In April 1896, more than five Japanese governors died, and up to two-thirds of officers were infected by Cholera, Malaria, etc.

    “Colonization of tropical lands is based on hygienic condition, for the nature is the biggest threat,” as stated by Japanese scholars. Setting up the public hygiene system helped to accomplish its stabilization of the governing. Meanwhile, Taiwan hardly had any medical resource. Public hospitals were the initial medical institute to satisfy these needs. The first project was Taiwan Hospital, founded in 1895. Taichung and Tainan Hospitals were established in 1896. In June, more hospitals were built in Tam-shui, Keelung, Shin-Chu; Lu-kang, Miaolee, Yuun-lin, Pu-lee, Chia-I, Fong-Shun , Penhu ,Hun-chun ,Tai-tong and I-lan, the former of our hospital.

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